This step-by-step guide will walk you through how to use the TravelMaster Download App to read a Smartcard and collect tickets which have been purchased through the TravelMaster Website. 


When you purchase a product through the TravelMaster Website you can select the TravelMaster Download App as the way you want to pick up your product. 

After completing the purchase your product will be queued for collection and you will be given a link to open/install the TravelMaster Download App.

To collect your product simply open the app on ANY compatible Apple/Android device (this can be yours, a friend's, a colleague's or a family member's) that has NFC functionality and the App installed.

Once the product is loaded, the screen will show you the name of the product loaded to your card, the date it is valid from, the date it will expire on and the zones in which it is valid. If you purchased the product through our website it will also show you the price you paid. 

Android: You will see this screen asking you to hold your card to your device:

iPhone: You will see this screen, select 'Read Card' and hold the card to your device. 

Simply hold your Smartcard to the NFC reader on your device and it will read the card. This screen will show you what is on your card already.

To load any waiting products, keep the Smartcard held against the NFC reader of the device and do the following: 

Android: Tap the 'Check for Update' button. 

iPhone: Tap the 'Download Product' button. 

This will then load any waiting products to the Smartcard.