You can find detailed TravelMaster Zonal Maps on our main website. 

Go to:, identify the ticket you are looking for and expand the information by clicking "More Info and Buy Now". Scroll down to the map to view. 

There are maps for each of our Zones: 

  • Barnsley
  • Doncaster
  • Rotherham
  • Sheffield
  • South Yorkshire - TravelMaster Products
  • South Yorkshire - GetAbout Products


Travel Zone Definitions

There are key differences in how Travel Zones are defined for the tickets within support area, particularly between Concessionary and Commercial (TravelMaster) products.

Concessionary products are valid within the Metropolitan County of South Yorkshire only. 

Exceptions to this rule are:

• ENCTS passes are valid throughout England

• SYPTE issued disabled persons’ passes are valid between the South and West Yorkshire rail networks (not valid for rail journeys wholly within West Yorkshire).

Commercial products are valid within the respective TravelMaster Zones, as shown on the maps (see above entry for link). These Zones can incorporate areas that reside outside of the Metropolitan County area. 

For example, the Derbyshire villages of Killamarsh, High Moor, Norwood, Spinkhill and Eckington are all considered part of the Sheffield and South Yorkshire

TravelMaster Zones.

Note: Special consideration must be given to the GetAbout / GetAbout + tickets. Whilst they are TravelMaster products, they are linked to the child concession scheme and are only available within the Metropolitan County of South Yorkshire.