There are three main reasons why a smart card will not scan. Either: the product has expired, there is no product written to the smart card, or the Smart card has been damaged. To investigate which it is, the first port of call is to take your smartcard to a Customer Service Desk at an Interchange in South Yorkshire.
  • If there is no valid product on the card – simply purchase a new product. Please note: If you believe that there should be a valid product on the card, please see the entry entitled: I paid for a ticket, but there is no product on my smartcard.
  • If the smart card is damaged – smart cards have been rigorously tested and have a five year lifespan. If the smart card has failed through technical failure or accidental damage, then a replacement may be provided. To apply for a replacement, please take your smartcard and proof of purchase to a Customer Service Desk at an Interchange. Please note:
    • There are no refunds available for damaged products / smartcards.
    • Per our Terms & Conditions, replacements are provided at our sole discretion and we have the right to refuse to  provide a replacement for any reason.