Products purchased using the on-board collection option can be picked-up after 48 hours on-board. Customers do not need an NFC enabled smartphone (Apple/Android) to collect their products, simply present the Smartcard to the electronic ticket machine on-board the following services: 

First South Yorkshire*

Stagecoach Yorkshire

When buying your 1, 7, 28 day or Annual TravelMaster product online, simply select the ‘Collect’ option when confirming the product details.  

Confirm your product and the Terms and Conditions.

 Select on-board collection

Select next and progress to payment. 

Your product will then be available to collect after 48 hours. To load your ticket, simply present your Smartcard to the electronic ticket machine on-board a Stagecoach bus or tram or a First* bus to load your product and continue on your journey. 

*Please be aware that the launching of this new feature has seen a slight delay on First services but this service will available soon.