If you have a 28-Day or Annual ticket purchased before 01 April 2020 and are unable to use it we will make sure you get the days you don’t use when things are back to normal.

To request an extension, email our Customer Support Team at enquiries@sytravelmaster.com 

We are unable to offer extensions or replacements for 1-Day or 7-Day TravelMaster tickets or for any tickets purchased after 01 April 2020. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a rail issued TravelMaster ticket, can I still get an extension? 

You can still get an extension if you have a rail issued 28-Day TravelMaster ticket. However, for these ticket types we will need additional proof of purchase for example, receipt or photo of ticket. Please email the additional proof of purchase to enquiries@sytravelmaster.com 

I don't know when I'll be returning from self-isolation, what date do I put? 

If you're unsure of what date to put on the end date of your self-isolation period, simply note an estimated date. We will be in touch close to this date to confirm if whether this date is still convenient for you. 

I've already applied for an extension but want to extend my ticket again, can I do this?

If you've already applied for an extension, but have not yet claimed the ticket we can extend the ticket to a date of your choice. 

However, we are unable to offer an extension if the ticket has already been claimed; for example, if you received your extended ticket on the 13 April but after this date you were advised or unable to use the ticket, we are unable to pause the ticket again. 

If you'd prefer to speak to someone about this, or have any general enquiries, please email us at: enquiries@sytravelmaster.com