18-22 Discount Card

• Provides the holder a 15% discount on CityBus, CityWide, RConnect, DonConnect, BConnect, SYConnect and SYConnect+.

• Discount is only applicable to 7 day and 28 day tickets bought at Ticket Vending Machines, as well as 1 day, 7 day and 28 day tickets bought online. On vehicle sales remain at full adult price.

• Depending on the product loaded, the ticket(s) may be valid on buses, trams and trains.

Card shows a picture of the holder; this should be verified

Note: The products are the same validity as the adult equivalents and will not show differently when scanned on board. 

Note: On 1st March 2020 the 18-22 Discount Card replaced the 18-21 Discount Card. Both cards are valid whilst they remain in date.

                Old card.                                New card.


                         Both valid whilst still in date.



• Scratchcards are available for a number of our products, including CityBus,  CityWide, RConnect, BConnect, DonConnect, SYConnect and SYConnect+. They are valid in the TravelMaster Zones relevant to them.

• Available for 1 day products only.

• These must be correctly scratched and the laminate must be sealed in order for the scratchcard to be valid.

• Future scratchcard designs will no longer contain serial numbers. Both old and new designs are valid for travel.

Old Design - still valid if in date            New Design