This advice applies to any passes presented that are:

• Altered

• Forged

• Defaced

• Out of date

• Outside of valid hours

• Outside of valid area

It also applies when:

• A pass is presented without a matching photocard (if required).

• The photograph does not match the presenter of the pass

When dealing with invalid passes and tickets, a polite attitude should always be

maintained and any embarrassment to passengers should be avoided.

Special Conditions

1. Please remember that some ENCTS pass holders are visually impaired. If their passes are out of date, please direct them to Traveline on (01709) 515151 to request a new pass.

2. Photocards should be withdrawn along with invalid tickets. This is essential for the subsequent investigation of withdrawn  tickets.

3. Whenever a pass is withdrawn it must be attached to a completed pass misuse report and sent to the Unit/Operations

Manager in accordance with your company’s procedure. Passes will then be forwarded on to South Yorkshire Passenger Executive (SYPTE) for further investigation (if appropriate).

4. Staff of participating companies will be rewarded through the ‘Passwatch’ scheme for each correctly withdrawn pass. For scratchcards, this only applies to fraudulent copies.

5. Whenever a pass is withdrawn, any personal property (e.g. bank cards, driving licence etc.) must be returned to the  passenger. However, if the photocard does not match the presenter, any personal property must be withdrawn with the pass so it can be returned to the legal owner.