Hotlisting is the process of blocking a Smartcard or Product. There are a number of reasons for Hotlisting, including loss and theft to the card being reported damaged, and more. 

SYPTE introduced hotlisting in late 2019 and TravelMaster have recently done similar. While each Operator’s ETMs differ, you can expect some broad similarities across the board when presented with a Hotlisting card. 

First, Stagecoach Yorkshire, TM Travel, Arriva, Hulleys and SCT ETMs will all say that the presented card has been Hotlisted. The majority of these will also have an audible alert and, where applicable, a red screen.


There may be further information (such as that the card is blocked, or to take down some details). For exact specifics, please consult your employer.

In the event of a customer presenting a Hotlisted Smartcard, where possible please:

• Withdraw the Smartcard

• Inform the customer that their Smartcard has been hotlisted.

• Give the customer the information card that SYPTE created and distributed last year (see below for example).