If you encounter a 'Failed to Load' error message after your TravelMaster purchase, please return to 'Home - Manage Your Purchases and Cards' webpage on your TravelMaster account. 

Scroll to 'Purchases Not Yet Loaded' and select the ticket you are attempting to collect. Follow the instructions provided to reissue the purchased ticket and collect through the chosen ticket collection method. 

If you encounter an error message when using any part our e-Commerce system please raise a support ticket and one of our technical support team will help you through this process.

To help us with your enquiry please include:

  • Times/dates
  • Any error message(s)
  • Any transaction references
  • Your Smartcard number 
  • The product you are trying to purchase
  • The web browser you are attempting to purchase through 

If you'd prefer to speak to someone about this over the phone, or would like to discuss anything else, we’re here to help.

Call our Pass Hotline on 0114 478 2266.