TravelMaster tickets can be bought using the TravelMaster App and loaded onto your selected smartcard. Tickets can be bought up to 33 days in advance. 

To buy tickets, you'll first need to create an account and register a smartcard. The TravelMaster App uses a different system so already created accounts and registered smartcards will not show. You can use an email which has been registered on the previous system. 

To buy tickets using the app: 

  • Select Tickets from the bottom three options.
  • Select Get Tickets.
  • Choose which smartcard you'll be buying a ticket for. 
  • Select which area you'll be travelling in. 
  • Select which mode type you'll be travelling on. For example, Bus, Bus + Tram or Bus, Tram + Train.
  • Choose the ticket type and duration. For example, CityBus 1 Day, BConnect 7 Day, SYConnect 28 Day
  • You'll now be directed to Checkout
    • Choose a Ticket start date
    • If you have a Discount Code, enter it in the Apply a coupon code tab. 
    • Read our Terms and Conditions before purchase.
    • Check the ticket purchase details.
    • Choose a payment method by selecting the bottom left payment options icon
  • Select Buy now to complete purchase. 

A Purchase complete message will show if your purchase was successful. The Email Verification will be sent within 24 hours. Please check your Junk, Spam or Other email folders if you cannot see this email. 

You can now load this ticket to your selected smartcard now, or skip to load at a later date. The ticket must be loaded before travel to be valid on-board. 

Next, learn how to load tickets by selecting the below link.

How to load tickets using the TravelMaster App (Buy & Load)