Smartcards can now be registered using the TravelMaster App. This app uses a different system to our TravelMaster Download App so all smartcards will need to be registered first before purchases are made through the current app. 

The following smartcard type's can be registered: 

  • Standard TravelMaster Smartcard 
  • 18-22 Discount Card 
  • Stagecoach Smartcard 
  • Zoom Under 16 Travel Pass
  • Zoom 16-18 Travel Pass 
  • Zoom Beyond 18-21 Travel Pass

To register a smartcard on the app: 

  • Select My Travel from the bottom three options.
  • Select My Cards.
  • Choose the Card + Icon.
  • Place the smartcard touching against your devices NFC reader and follow the directions to Hold your card to the back of your phone so we can set it up in the app.
  • The screen will display a Card scanned successfully message.

Return to My Cards to view registered smartcards. 

To report a smartcard as lost or faulty, get in touch with our Customer Service Team at