To redeem a discount code on the TravelMaster App first log into your account: 

  • Select My Travel from the bottom three options.
  • Choose Sign In and enter your account details. 

After you have logged in, follow the below directions to redeem your discount code: 

  • Select Tickets from the bottom three options.
  • Choose Get Tickets.
  • Select which Smartcard, Travel Zone, then ticket you would like to buy. 
  • Choose the Ticket start date. 
  • Under Have a coupon? select Apply. 
  • This will open the Apply Coupon tab where you can enter the discount code. When entering the code, please check that there are no empty spaces before, during or after the text. 
  • Select Apply.
  • If the code was redeemed successfully, the ticket price will be updated. 
  • Select Buy now to complete the ticket purchase.