All our Annual Products are available to buy online and accessed instantly by being loaded through the TravelMaster Download App to your Smartcard or collected on First and Stagecoach services after 48 hours.

The process starts by clicking on the 'Sign-In/Up' button or by visiting directly.

This will take you to our Web Retail System through which you can buy your Annual Product. Before you purchase an Annual Product, you will need to create an account and order/register your Standard Smartcard. 

After you have created your account/signed in you will see the 'Home - Manage Your Purchases and Cards':

Select which Annual Product you require from the 'Ticket Type' drop down menu. Annual tickets are not available for 18-22 Discount Cards. Once you select 'Continue' you will be provided with two product collection options. This is either loading the product through the TravelMaster Download App with a NFC compatible device. Or collecting the product in 48 hours on-board a First bus or Stagecoach bus or tram.                                                                                               

The current Extended Period TravelMaster Photocards will no longer be issued, though all remain valid until their stated expiry dates. From 2nd January 2020 all Annual Products will be loaded to standard Smartcards. Annual Products can no longer be loaded to Extended Period TravelMaster Photocards.