There are two main places where you can find information on our product range - the TravelMaster website and Traveline (operated by the SYPTE). 


General pricing, usage information and journey planning can be found by calling Traveline on 01709 51 51 51.

TravelMaster Website

You can find out general information on TravelMaster products by visiting the 'Products & Prices'  page of our website:

To find out more information on our products, select which area you wish to travel in. You can then see the product Zone Map, product price and product durations. 

To view the product Zone Map select 'Zone Map'. The zone map is interactive and allows you to zoom in and out of the products Boundary Points. When a Boundary Point is selected, it will give you the name for the bus stop. The 'Get Directions' option will redirect you to Google Maps.  

For information on where to buy TravelMaster products, select the 'Where to Buy' page on our website.  

To find out more information, select on a product purchase type. You will then see information on how to buy using the selected product purchase type. This will also display what products are available through the selected retail channel.