TravelMaster issues Discount Codes both to Businesses and to Customers for a variety of reasons. The following explains a little about the forms they come in and how to redeem them on our website. 

Discount Codes come in two main forms: 

  • As a Percentage Discount (%)
  • As a Value Discount (in pounds and pence) 

To redeem a Discount Code, you simply navigate the webshop as if you are going to buy the product in question. 

On the first screen, you select your Product and the Start Date as normal.

On the second screen, you will see a box at the top of the page. Simply copy and paste the discount code into the area that says "Enter Promotion Code" and click Apply.

If done correctly, the price will change to reflect the new cost of the product (often £0.00). 

Once you have redeemed the Discount Code, select your preferred load method and Smartcard (as you would with any purchase from our website) and click Next.

If the product's value is now £0.00 then it will skip the payments screen and go to the confirmation screen. Just click Ok/Next and then download your product as you would any from our webshop.

If there is a balance to pay after the product is discounted, you will be taken to the secure payment portal where you can pay for it. This is otherwise the same process as any other purchase on our webshop. 


Note: There's a few reasons why a Discount Code may not work. The most common of these are: 

  • The Discount Code isn't for that product. Some Discount Codes are hardcoded to specific products (you will be told if this is the case when it is issued).  If the code isn't for the product it is intended, it will fail.

  • The Discount Code has been used already. Almost without exception, Discount Codes can only be used once. As such, an error will be thrown up if you try to redeem a code more than once.

  • The Discount Code is out of date. All Discount Codes have an expiry date. If you try and redeem it after the cutoff date then it will fail. You will be told that expiry date when it is issued to you.


If you have any issues relating to the redemption of a Discount Code - 

  • If the code was issued to you by your employer as part of a business to business initiative, then please go back to them and ask them to contact us on your behalf. 
  • If the code was issue to you by us directly, please email