All our Annual tickets are available to buy online and through the TravelMaster App. Please see our TravelMaster app guides on how to do this. If you are buying an Annual ticket online, please ready our helpful guide below. 

How to buy an Annual ticket online. 

This will take you to our Web Retail System through which you can buy your Annual ticket. Before you purchase an Annual ticket, you will need to create an account and order/register your Standard Smartcard. 

  • After you have created your account/signed in you will see 'Home - Manage Your Purchases and Cards':
  • Select which Annual ticket you require from the 'Ticket Type' drop down menu and choose your start date
  • On the next Confirm Your Product Details page, select your ticket load method and the smartcard you'd like the ticket loaded on. 

This is either loading the ticket through the TravelMaster App with a NFC compatible device. Or loading the ticket in 48 hours on-board a First or Stagecoach service.