From the TravelMaster Website or app

All our 1, 7, 28 Day, Flexi5 and Annual TravelMaster tickets are available to buy online and loaded to a Smartcard through a compatible phone or collected on-board after 48 hours.


All our 7 and 28 Day products are available to buy from Payzone outlets located throughout South Yorkshire.


Visit the Payzone website and enter your postcode to find your nearest outlet.

Available Tickets

BConnect( 7 & 28 Day), CityBus( 7 & 28 Day), CityWide( 7 & 28 Day), DonConnect( 7 & 28 Day), GetAbout( 7 & 28 Day), GetAbout+( 7 & 28 Day), RConnect( 7 & 28 Day), SYConnect( 7 & 28 Day), SYConnect+( 7 & 28 Day) & 18-22 Discount(7 & 28 Day)

At Ticket Machines at interchanges in South Yorkshire

7 and 28 Day TravelMaster tickets are available to buy from Ticket Machines located at Travel South Yorkshire Interchanges throughout South Yorkshire.

Please visit the Travel South Yorkshire website for updated opening times/dates. 

On board bus and tram

Most 1 and 7 day tickets are available to buy on-board buses and trams in South Yorkshire. 

Contactless payments are accepted for 1 day tickets on-board buses and for 1 day and 7 day payments on trams. 

7 day tickets are cash-only on-board buses.

All our 7 Day tickets are issued to a smartcard and you can use any TravelMaster card, or stagecoach smartcard, to buy your ticket on board. If you already have a smartcard day tickets will be loaded to this too.

If you don’t have a smartcard you will be issued with a paper ticket when you buy a Day ticket and will be issued with a smartcard, at a cost of £1.00, when you buy a 7 day ticket. So keep your smartcard safe and re-use it.

Available Tickets

BConnect(1 Day & 7 Day), CityBus(1 Day & 7 Day), CityWide(1 Day & 7 Day), DConnect (1 Day), GetAbout(1 Day & 7 Day), GetAbout(1 Day & 7 Day)+, RConnect(1 Day & 7 Day), SYConnect(1 Day & 7 Day) & SYConnect+(1 Day)

What operators can tickets be bought on?

First Buses
Stagecoach Buses
Sheffield Community Transport Buses
TM Travel Buses
Watersons Buses
Hulleys Buses
Arriva Buses (Day tickets only)
All Supertram Services


Our rail valid tickets can be bought from any staffed railway station. For the 7 & 28 Day tickets you will need a passport sized photo, or a Railway photo card, prior to purchase.

If you travel from a station that is not staffed the day tickets can be purchased on board from a conductor

Available Tickets

GetAbout+ (1 Day) & SYConnect+(1 Day, 7 Day & 28 Day)


All our 1-Day and Flexi5 tickets can be purchased before they’re needed through the First mTickets app & Stagecoach Bus App.

There are a range of payment options through each app and customers will simply activate their m-ticket and show it to the driver.

How to Get the Apps

First mTickets App

Stagecoach Bus App

Available Tickets

BConnect(1 Day, Flexi5), CityBus(1 Day, Flexi5), CityWide(1 Day, Flexi5), DonConnect(1 Day, Flexi5), GetAbout(1 Day), GetAbout(1 Day)+, RConnect(1 Day), SYConnect(1 Day, Flexi5) & SYConnect+(1 Day)