Smartcards have been rigorously tested to last five years, if a smartcard stops working it may be because of three main reasons.



  • The ticket has expired.
  • There is no ticket loaded to the Smartcard.
  • The Smartcard has been damaged. 

To investigate which it is, please take your Smartcard to a Customer Service Desk* at an Interchange in South Yorkshire. If there is no valid ticket on the card – simply buy a new ticket. 

*Please be aware that Interchanges cannot provide free replacement smartcards. Smartcards cost £1 and can be bought online and will arrive within 3-10 working days. You can also buy smartcards on-board most buses or from ticket machines in Interchanges alongside a ticket purchase. 

If you believe that there should be a valid ticket on the card, please raise a support ticket at and one of Customer Service Team will help investigate further.

To help us with your enquiry please include:

  • Times/dates 
  • Any transaction references 
  • Your Smartcard number 
  • The ticket you are trying to load

If you'd prefer to speak to someone, we’re here to help. Call us on 0114 478 2266.