The Download App will no longer be maintained from April 2024. Please use the TravelMaster App and the Quick Sync button to load online bought tickets to your smartcard.

If the TravelMaster Download App won't read your Smartcard, it could be for the following reasons: 

  • Your Smartcard is damaged 
  • Your Smartcard is faulty 
  • NFC Reader is not enabled on the device

If you are still unable to read your card, please raise a support ticket and one of our technical support team will help you through this process.

To help us with your enquiry please include:

  • Times/dates
  • Any transaction references 
  • Your Smartcard number 
  • The product you are trying to load
  • A screenshot of any error messages which are appearing 
  • Make & model of device the TravelMaster Download App is being used with (for example, Android or iPhone) 

If you would prefer to speak to someone we’re here to help. Call our Pass Hotline on 0114 478 2266.