Ticket Machines are operated by Travel South Yorkshire, TravelMaster simply sell tickets through these machines. 

When buying a ticket at a Ticket Machine at an Interchange in South Yorkshire, the Smartcard must be placed against the Smartcard Reader at the end of the transaction for the ticket to load and be available to use. In all instances we advise for customers to follow the instructions provided by the Ticket Machine. 

If the Smartcard is not presented, the ticket will not be loaded and the transaction times out and is cancelled. Typically if paying by card, the funds will be returned within 10 working days. 

In all instances, please visit a Customer Service Desk at the earliest convenience. They will be able to check if the transaction was successful or is pending return. Customer Service Desks are situated at Interchanges across South Yorkshire.

If the transaction was made with cash or if the funds have not been returned to your bank within 10 working days, please get in touch by emailing help@sytravelmaster.com and we'll investigate further with Travel South Yorkshire.