18-22 discounted tickets can be bought up to 33 days in advance from: 

  • The TravelMaster App 
  • sytravelmaster.com and loaded through the TravelMaster Download App with an NFC smartphone or load on-board a First bus or Stagecoach bus after 48 hours.
  • Ticket Machines in Interchanges. 

All tickets will need to be loaded to a smartcard. 

To buy tickets online you will first need to create an account to apply for a 18-22 Discount Card or register your 18-21 Zoom Beyond Travel Pass. 

  • After you have created your account/logged in you will see the 'Home - Manage Your Purchases and Cards' click on the "Ticket Group" tab and select '18-22' to access our discounted tickets. 
  • Select your tickets, view the price and choose a start date
  • Click on 'Continue' and this will take you to a page to confirm your product. Be sure to double check the product you have selected, the price you will be charged and the dates you have selected.
  • You'll then need to agree to the Terms & Conditions. 

  • Choose your ticket load method - either through the app with an NFC smartphone or load on-board a First bus or Stagecoach bus/tram after 48 hours.

  • Select  'Next' to proceed to the payment page. 

You'll now need to pay for your ticket. 

All major credit and debit cards can be accepted with the exception of American Express. Simply use the secure payment form to enter your card details and complete any security process your bank requires. 

Hit 'Pay now' and you'll progress to a confirmation page, you'll also receive an e-mail.

For the ticket to be valid, it must first be loaded to the smartcard using your selected load method. 


The TravelMaster App can be installed on any NFC compatible Apple/Android device. Tickets are available to load immediately.  

You do not need to log in to the app so you can use it on any Apple/Android device so it doesn't matter if you have a phone that isn't compatible so long as you know someone who does.

Find our helpful guide on how to use the TravelMaster App here.


Tickets purchased using the on-board collection option can be loaded to your smartcard after 48 hours on-board any Stagecoach or First service in South Yorkshire. 

To load your ticket, simply present your Smartcard to the electronic ticket machine on-board a Stagecoach bus or a First bus to load your ticket.