To find your nearest Payzone outlet, visit the Payzone website and enter your postcode. 

Tickets can be paid for by card or by cash at the checkout. In order to buy a ticket from a Payzone outlet located in South Yorkshire, you will first need an existing Smartcard.  

You can use:

    TravelMaster Smartcard 

    Stagecoach Smartcard

    Zoom Under 16 Travel Pass

    Zoom 16-18 Travel Pass

•    Zoom Beyond 18-21 Travel Pass

•    18-22 Discount Card 

Please note: Smartcards are not available to buy from Payzone outlets. 

Select which ticket you require at the checkout, and the assistant will use a Payzone tablet to select and load the ticket to the Smartcard (in the same way that gas or electricity bills can be paid).

Available Tickets

All our 7 and 28 Day tickets are available to buy from Payzone outlets located throughout South Yorkshire.

BConnect( 7 & 28 Day), CityBus( 7 & 28 Day), CityWide( 7 & 28 Day), DonConnect( 7 & 28 Day), GetAbout( 7 & 28 Day), GetAbout+( 7 & 28 Day), RConnect( 7 & 28 Day), SYConnect( 7 & 28 Day) & SYConnect+( 7 & 28 Day)

If you experience difficulty, or purchase the wrong ticket, please seek to fix this within 30 minutes at the Payzone outlet itself. 

If the problem cannot be resolved at the Payzone outlet, please raise a support ticket and one of our Customer Service Team will help you.

To help us with your enquiry please include:


    Payzone outlet location 

    Any transaction references

    Your Smartcard number 

    The ticket you are attempting to purchase

If you'd prefer to speak to someone about this over the phone, or would like to discuss anything else, we’re here to help.

Call us on 0114 478 2266.

TravelMaster does not have a direct relationship with the outlets so, depending on the nature of the issue, we may choose to resolve the issue at our discretion or escalate it through the Payzone complaints process.